Domestic Terrorism in the United States

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Domestic Terrorism in the United States

We are deeply troubled and heartbroken at the recent acts of domestic terrorism and hate in our country in the last few weeks.  Pipe bombs and suspicious substances sent to media and various political figures, the senseless murder of two innocent African-American women in Kentucky and most recently the horrific shootings at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that took the lives of 11 Jewish people and injured several others.

These incidents were clearly fueled by hate, racism and anti-Semitism, themes which continue to plague American society.   What is also known, in at least the pipe bomb and Kentucky incidents, is that the accused perpetrators were first perpetrators of domestic violence.

One in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience some form of physical violence in their lifetime. More than 5 million children annually are exposed to domestic violence and suffer short and long term devastating effects. Research shows that nearly half of mass shootings are committed by individuals who first perpetrated domestic violence. As we struggle with answers about how to prevent future incidents of violence, the challenge for our community today is establishing stronger norms and policies that make violence and discrimination in all its forms unacceptable in society.

Next Door Solutions firmly believes that peace in our community begins with peace in our home. For 47 years we have been working to end domestic violence in the moment and for all time here in the Bay Area. We stand in solidarity with our community, particularly our African-American and Jewish brothers and sisters, and recommit ourselves to work harder to ensure that we end violence in all its forms and that we do everything possible to eradicate hate and discrimination as these are the impetus to the hate crimes and violence erupting throughout our country today.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the devastated families who have lost their loved ones. May peace be restored and may their memories be a blessing.

Hillary Weingast, Chair – Board of Directors

Esther Peralez-Dieckmann, Executive Director

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Thanks to West Valley Small Group Communication class for cleaning the Kid’s Club!

Thank you to West Valley College Small Group Communication class who came to our Community Office on Friday, April 25, for hours of spring cleaning!  They cleaned and disinfected our Kid’s Club and our play areas for children…a task that was definitely overdue!  This was a daunting task and they did it with a smile.  They also made their t-shirts…the red hand print on the shoulder represents a “hand to tell someone you care when you don’t have the words”.  We are truly grateful for their generous act of service…and for spreading the word about ending domestic violence in our community!

Pictured are:  Ashley Pourroy, Andrea Boales, Sherry Ta and Priscilla Barrera.

West Valley College Pic 1

West Valley College Pic 2

Vagina Monologues to benefit Next Door!

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On February 21 and February 22 at 8pm at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence will once again be the beneficiary of two nights of the Vagina Monologues Play. 

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here or at the door. ($30 general admission)
There will also be a Silent Auction.
See   You   There!




A Friend Next Door: Walk in Crisis Counseling

mother consoling sad teen girlWhen a woman is in crisis, it can be hard to stay calm and analyze all the options. Our Crisis Intervention Advocates present walk-in clients with safety plans, resources and referrals, and coordinate emergency services our clients need as well as other non-crisis community services that address hunger, homelessness, and health needs and allow them to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.

Next Door has one of the only walk-in crisis counseling services in the County. A trained counselor will help sort out the most pressing issues. Does she need a safe place to stay that night? Counselors might refer her to one of many shelters and safe-houses in the region. Is her life in danger? Next Door staff will help navigate the legal system, including getting restraining orders. Our counselors can also provide transportation to safety. Women are connected to a range of services, including children’s services, healthcare, legal advice and food stamps. Our clients come away with an action plan based on their immediate needs. Many of our counselors are from San Jose State University’s counseling Master’s program and are trained by our professional staff.

Our program serves over 1000 women every year with bilingual Spanish/English counseling. If you want to learn more, call Next Door’s hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 408-279-2962.

Kathleen Krenek quoted in KGO-TV

Kathleen Krenek, Next Door’s Executive Director, was contacted by ABC’s David Louie to get her take on President Obama’s approach to sexual violence on campus. Click here to see the story and the video.

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