Impact of Your Gift

Your donation of any amount makes a difference in helping us to break the cycle of domestic violence in our community:

$100 pays for five hours of crisis hot-line support – Our hotline provides time-critical emergency support for women who need our help to ensure their physical safety.  Your gift can provide women with the courage and support to leave an abuser.

$300 pays for eight sessions of weekly teen support group sessions – Teen Support Group counseling provides emotional support for victims of dating violence and those impacted by domestic violence. Your support can give a a teen the resolve to move forward toward a safe and healthy life, while avoiding negative behaviors that may lead to further victimization.

$1,500 can provide restraining order assistance for 7 women seeking safety — Filing for a restraining order, victims take their first step toward safety and put a batterers violence on record. In the future, this restraining order can be the deciding factor that establishes long term safety for a victim and her children.

$2500 pays for two weeks of safe, emergency shelter for a victim and three children – There is nothing more critical than physical safety for a woman and her children in a time of crisis.  Your gift can actually mean the difference between life and death.