Mother and Daughter

We are grateful to the many individuals, foundations, and corporations who support Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence.

Without this generosity, women and their children who are in need of a variety of  services when they flee a dangerous situation would not have anywhere to turn.

When you invest in Next Door and our services to the community, you join an agency that has been found to be in model financial health, About 80 cents of every dollar you donate goes toward the implementation of our direct service programs. Next Door was selected in 2008 as a demonstration project in domestic violence services by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, its financial condition and service delivery presented at a conference in Los Angeles. The Non Profit Finance Fund, the third party that conducted the review of Next Door’s financial condition, found Next Door’s finances to be very healthy.

Next Door’s overhead is on part with non-profits overall, serving more than 7,700 individuals with less than $2.5 million. As was found in our recent strategic plan, Next Door achieves great impact, providing cost-effective services that help women and children find safety.