We believe…if a victim can gain self-empowerment and self-resilience, they will become self-sustaining and they will achieve a state self-sufficiency.

All too often people ask why women stay with or return to domestic violence relationships. The reasons women stay or return are very complex. Many may not have not been permitted to work or take advantage of educational opportunities, thus creating a dominant environment where women become dependent on their abusers.

The Self-Sufficiency program is committed to helping victims of domestic violence empower themselves so they may become self-resilient.  This program provides guidance and direction in job readiness, financial foundation and fundamentals, budgeting, personal organization, and life enrichment for survivors of domestic violence.

We offer victims of domestic violence a 10-week course to help them gain the tools and skills necessary for financial freedom and self-sufficiency.

Topics include: financial literacy in credit, investing and insurance, job readiness, interview skills, budgeting and saving strategies, educational options and much more.

For more information, Contact Sarah Lucha, at 408-501-7567, or by email at

Here’s what our clients say about our Self-Sufficiency Program and workshops:

“This program encouraged me to look deep inside myself to find the strength to take my life and put it in my hands. Now that my life is mine, I will make my choices, my dreams, my ambitions all by myself! Sarah and Laurie are two well educated, personable, and loving people. I look forward to the next session to keep me focused on my future. Without this program, I would not be where I am today…a success!”  Tami, NDS client

“Empowerment, knowledge, wisdom, love, depth, connection, hope, joy, healing, empathy, laughter, self reflection and peace are just some of the things I learned.  A journey traveled among trusted friends. We started as strangers, but our common thread of wanting to be self-sufficient created a bond implemented by two amazing women, Sarah and Laurie.”  Susie, NDS client

“Thanks you for your time and support, your hard work, your material, for your words and for believing in me.”  Rachel, NDS client

“My experience at the workshops was great. I had a fun time. Sarah and Laurie were very supportive and understanding. I can call Sarah anytime if I need a shoulder to cry on. When I started, I felt very lonely and depressed. Now I am amazed at myself for what I have accomplished up to this point.”  Lucy, NDS client

“I absolutely loved the workshop. Very empowering and eye opening. I enjoyed coming to the workshop because of the support and encouragement. Each day I come I feel empowered to do something else that empowers me.”  Ruth, NDS client

“I truly believe that this was the best experience to regain my dignity and assertion. Through these ten weeks I have been given so many lessons to regain my life. Thank you does not express the gratitude I have; thank you Next Door Solutions for giving women this opportunity.”  Ann, NDS client

“This workshop is enlightening and strength building. Very empowering with a great accountability to helping us stay on track in achieving our goals. The class reassured me to educate myself, to better myself to grow and be free. I am ever grateful.”  Hannah, NDS client

“I am so blessed to have been able to be here. Learning about credit and housing was very useful for my future.  Being able to have the time and talents of Sarah and Laurie with my resume, cover letter and business card was most valuable to me. Hearing others stories and being supported by their smiles and laughter was a comfort and blessing in my weeks. I am definitely coming to the next round of workshops!” Kristen, NDS client