As part of Next Door’s new Self-Sufficiency program, victims of domestic violence receive training and assistance in learning skills that will navigate them towards a new life of independence and resilience. In the program, women learn how to build resumes and cover letters, how to open private banking accounts, navigate the internet, and acquire interview preparation tips. While many of us may take these skills for granted, many survivors of domestic violence have been unable to achieve the freedom to live their lives on their own terms.

We are pleased to report that 4 of the 13 women enrolled in the self-sufficiency workshops have already found employment and one is currently in the interview process! Three women have their own banking accounts and one has acquired her driver’s license. We could not be more thrilled!

As a special treat to one of our clients who was preparing for a job interview, our self-sufficiency coordinator arranged for the client to receive a stylish hair cut at no expense. Thank you so much to Kamryn who volunteered her time in order to give our client a new haircut and self-confidence that she didn’t feel before!