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Victims often need the hope of absolute safety to leave an abuser for without it, they risk greater harm from their abusers.  Without this security to leave, victims are inextricably tied to the whims of their batterers. Without the knowledge that there is a safe place they can go, with support services that will help them find housing, finances, employment, and safety for themselves and their children, they risk too much to leave. This is the predicament victims often find themselves in, a choice of violence or homelessness, a choice of violence or the loss of their children, the choice of violence or deportation. These are the everyday issues that plague a victim and the answer to the often-asked question: why does she stay?

She stays because she thinks her abuser will change. She stays because despite the violence, her children are fed, housed, and given clothing. She stays because if she leaves, she puts her life and the lives of her children at great danger. She stays because she believes she has no other options.

This is exactly the point where Next Door comes in. Next Door not only provides real options for victims and their children, it provides hope that they won’t have to live with violence until it’s too late to leave.

Next Door helps more than 7,500 individuals each year make healthy choices that replace a perpetual cycle of violence, abuse, destruction with a cycle of health, hope and safety, creating a generation of children and teens that learn how to make smart choices that allow them to thrive.