Kaiser Permanente Partners with Next Door in New Healing Families Pilot Project

Kaiser Permanente is partnering with Next Door in the creation of its new Healing Families Pilot Project and providing $35,500 in funding for the project. Next Door’s Family Support Services is developing a new Healing Families Pilot Project that will provide a health-focused support system for women and families experiencing and exposed to domestic violence. The project expects to offer Healing Families Workshops in Spanish and English to 225 mothers and children, approximately 90 families, helping mothers and their children impacted by domestic violence to re-establish family bonds and healthy habits. Through these workshops, Next Door will address the damage done to family bonds due to batterer manipulations; improve the physical, behavioral, emotional, and mental health of women and children who have been impacted by DV; and reduce overall family stress. We are grateful for the more than a decade of support that Kaiser Permanente has provided Next Door. Thank you Kaiser!






One Response to “Kaiser Permanente Partners with Next Door in New Healing Families Pilot Project”
  1. karen varela says:

    I am a student at Evergreen Valley college , I am doing a research paper on the subject. I finally after 21 years,escaped an abusive relationship, yet my family and I still suffer the lingering repercussions of the
    long ordeal. All my child teenagers and now young adults are damaged by the divorce, abuse and lack of
    family structure as messed up as it was. If you have any information for us, or my research or my class.I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you
    karen Varela

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