Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence denounces the Administration’s unusually cruel and inhumane decision to separate families and detain children at the border. Many of those detained came seeking asylum from life-threatening situations and crime-riddled regions only to suffer the horror of having their families ripped apart at the hands of the United States. Asylum seekers are among our most vulnerable, the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. That the administration intentionally inflicted severe trauma on these families – even on toddlers and infants – for political gain or as a deterrent to other migrants is flagrantly un-American and anathema to what Next Door Solutions stands for.

The Administration did ultimately yield to domestic and international pressure by signing an executive order to halt his own policy of separating families. However, in the immediate aftermath it was unclear how the federal government planned to reunite the over 2,300 children in custody with their parents. Many families remain separated today. It is unclear how, and if, they will ever be reunified.

“Our organization comes to the aid of women from all walks of life, including and especially from our immigrant community”, says  Esther Peralez-Dieckmann, Executive Director of Next Door Solutions. “Many immigrants and refugees are escaping domestic violence, abuse, and threats on their lives. As a local organization, Next Door Solutions will continue to aid, embrace, and empower all victims of domestic violence who come through our door no matter where they came from”.

Next Door Solutions is calling on lawmakers to use the full extent of their powers to immediately reunite families, limit detention periods, and work towards humane policies that do not harm men, women, and especially children.