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Join the over 500 people who come from diverse sectors of our community for the eighth Carry the Vision Community Nonviolence Conference on September 29, 2012.

Youth Leadership Summit

Carry the Vision is partnering with YES! for Schools to provide practical strategies to inspire high school aged young people to become empowered nonviolent leaders in their community.

Our youth are our future! We can support them in becoming empowered to stand up for compassion, wisdom and and to do what is right. Each young person is a potential leader.

The summit will engage the young people in experiential activities that re-awaken the values of commitment, responsibility, creativity and team work — qualities inherent in an empowered nonviolent leader.

We request that all youth pre-register to allow our summit leaders to plan appropriately.

Women’s Leadership in Overcoming Violence

This panel brings together leaders from our community who have been dedicated to creating more peaceful families and communities. These leaders represent spiritual communities, domestic violence, religious tolerance, police and community dialog and hate free communities.


Judge LaDoris Cordell
Independent Police Auditor

Rev. Ellen Grace O’Brian
Founder of Carry the Vision and Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Kathleen Krenek
Executive Director of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Delorme McKee-Stovall
Manager of the Santa Clara County Office of Human Relations

Samina Sundas
Founder and Executive Director of American Muslim Voice

Religious Leaders Summit

Religious leaders from many different faith traditions will gather together to engage with each other on the critical question of overcoming violence in our valley and discuss what they can do together that they cannot do alone.


Nonviolence 101
Dr. Michael Nagler – founder of the Metta Center

Nonviolent Communication
Robert Niederman- founder of Silicon Valley Nonviolent Communication

Compassionate Parenting for Peaceful Families
Patricia Belvel and Rev. Christine Sodt

Meditation Practice for Peace
Beverly Kam, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Bold Vision for Tough Times: The Union of Human Rights and Nonviolence
Richard Hobbs – founder of The Human Agenda


– Bullying: Supporting Our Youth for a Peaceful Life
– Women’s Leadership in Overcoming Violence
– Social Change Through Cooperation and Compassion
– Mentoring Youth for a Peaceful and Successful Future

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