Monthly Archives: September 2012

Western Digital supports Next Door’s Youth Leadership Forum

With its focus on long-term betterment and permanent improvement of the communities where it operates, Western Digital continues its integral Next Door partnership this year with a $12,000 grant. This donation allows Next Door to provide programs for children and teens that educate and encourage them to engage in healthy relationships as well as avoid the serious health and social impacts that plague children and youth who witness domestic violence. Western Digital is also supporting Next Door’s Youth Leadership Forum, which creates and implements long-term, peer-to-peer campaigns that subvert the messages of gender inequity, tolerance of violence, and abuse against women and girls.

The TJX Foundation continues support of Next Door’s HomeSafes Program

Once again, the TJX Foundation is supporting long term affordable housing and transitional services for victims and family members affected by abusive situations as well as programming that works to break the cycle of violence. This year’s $5,000 donation from the TJX Foundation will help Next Door continue to provide affordable housing and self-sufficiency services to 250 women and children through the HomeSafes housing programs in San Jose and Santa Clara. This program, the only one of its kind in Santa Clara County, gives domestic violence victims a solid foundation from which to build their self-sufficiency.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation donates to Next Door and the Domestic Violence Advocacy Consortium

Striving to support the essential needs of our county’s most vulnerable individuals, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has awarded Next Door a $55,000 grant this year. As a lead agency of the Domestic Violence Advocacy Consortium, these funds will allow Next Door to provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, food, case management, and DV-specific supportive services for 177 homeless DV victims and their children. These victims and children are often fleeing violent, sometimes life-threatening, living situations, so they can move from hunger, homelessness and crisis to freedom and self-sufficiency. With the help of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Next Door and its partners will provide safe havens to victims and their children so they can begin to rebuild their lives to become safe, healthy, and productive residents of the County.

Allstate supports Next Door’s Self Sufficiency Program

Allstate has generously donated $10,000 to support Next Door’s Financial Literacy and Self Sufficiency Program. As a direct result of Allstate’s donation, Next Door will provide 590 victims of domestic violence with guidance and direction in job readiness, financial fundamentals, budgeting, personal motivation and life enrichment. More than half of these victims will be trained in part through the Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum. Next Door looks forward to an ongoing partnership with Allstate in the effort to bring self-sufficiency and empowerment to victims of domestic violence.

Los Altos Community Foundation supports Next Door in North County

Thanks to a second year of funding from the Los Altos Community Foundation, Next Door is expanding its reach in the northern part of Santa Clara County. This $7,500 grant allows Next Door to make its services more accessible to victims in the Los Altos and Los Altos Hills areas and to focus on issues that affect residents living in these more secluded parts of our county. The Los Altos Community Foundation grant also allows Next Door to provide legal and domestic violence advocacy at the Sunnyvale Family Court, which helps victims navigate the complexities of the legal system.

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