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Next Door receives $10,000 from Mercury News Holiday Wish Book campaign

We thank the San Jose Mercury News for the $10,000 raised through their Holiday Wish Book campaign. Victims come to Next Door in the most precarious of situations – fleeing abuse in the home, often with young children and with no money or resources to fall back on. Domestic violence victims experience physical injury as well as poverty and neglect. In addition to providing shelter, education and counseling, Next Door strives to give victims access to transportation, immigration, translation and legal services, clothing and toiletries – in short, the beginnings of a foundation upon which they can build safe, productive lives for themselves and their families. But we could not do this without the help of our community and the San Jose Mercury News Wishbook Fund has been a long time supporter and for that we are eternally grateful.

The Sobrato Family Foundation supports Next Door

Next Door gratefully acknowledges The Sobrato Family Foundation’s matching gift of $42,000 in support of our general operations. The Foundation’s generosity over the many year’s it has supported us, enables Next Door to continue to address the issue of domestic violence through a multifaceted approach which provides our clients with access to a safe environment, crisis counseling, group therapy and community outreach. We recognize that victims of domestic violence often face unique challenges such as lack of financial literacy skills and isolation due to cultural or language barriers. The Sobrato Family Foundation’s support is integral and important to Next Door’s mission, as it is an unrestricted grant for general operating support, the kind of support that helps Next Door keep its doors open.

Next Door thanks St. Andrews for their support of our shelter program

Next Door is thankful for a generous grant of $5,000 from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Opportunity Fund, which supported Next Door’s emergency shelter. The funds will be used to provide shelter at local motels when the emergency shelter is at capacity. The shelter provides DV-impacted families with critical services so they can start rebuilding their lives, including: safe temporary housing, meals, transportation and safety planning. We are finding that due to the dramatic rise in homelessness, the Shelter has seen a 25% increase in demand, making it critical that we secure access to alternate forms of shelter. All clients who are referred to motels still have access to all of Next Door’s services. Next Door is committed to providing shelter to domestic violence victims 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and St. Andrew’s support is integral in helping us achieve this goal.

Next Door receives grant from Avon to support our Self-Sufficiency program

Avon is a major supporter of Next Door’s Self-Sufficiency Program. Their generous second-year grant of $65,000 is invaluable in our efforts to reach the most disenfranchised victims of domestic violence – those who face additional challenges due to financial abuse. Many have never learned how to budget, build credit, or responsibly take on debt. This lack of financial literacy, combined with linguistic and cultural barriers, increases the risk of poverty, hunger and homelessness if victims leave their abuser. The Self Sufficiency Program provides financial literacy and self-sufficiency individual coaching, counseling and workshops to empower victims with the skills, tools, and motivation they need to rebuild their lives. Self Sufficiency counseling and workshops address financial abuse and teach vital skills around banking basics, financial fundamentals, employment, investments, housing, government subsidies and education.

Applied Materials Supports the HomeSafe program

Next Door is honored to have received a grant from Applied Materials in the amount of $15,000. The Applied Materials grant will support the HomeSafe affordable housing program in Santa Clara, which allows Next Door to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing domestic violence.  HomeSafe Santa Clara provides victims and their children a safe, structured environment in which they can rebuild their lives free of violence. Residents participate in self-sufficiency counseling and workshops, which empower them to address financial abuse and learn vital skills that help them open bank accounts, find employment, find safe affordable housing, and research and participate in educational opportunities and/or vocational training. Next Door also provides its Kids Club, which facilitates teamwork, emotional resiliency, and communication and conflict resolution skills through age appropriate activities, helping children and youth reduce the risk of stress-induced ailments and risky behaviors.

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