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Goodell Misses Leadership Opportunity

An op/ed piece by Ann Skeet, director of leadership ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara... 

San Jose Mercury News Coverage of NFL Scandal

Good for the San Jose Mercury News. Sunday’s top story (p. 1, upper right-hand column headline) was “A... 

Join Us at the Wonderful Witchy Women Fundraising Luncheon

Next Door has been honored to have been chosen by the Bella Vista League to be one of three beneficiaries of its... 

San Francisco’s Supervisors have issued a resolution condemning the 49ers handling of domestic violence cases.

Supervisors in San Francisco weigh in on the 49ers handling of domestic violence issues on their team, condemning... 

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Bystander 101: You can help end violence against women, but you have to stand up and do something.

According to Jackson Katz, educator, author, filmmaker, and cultural theorist: A bystander in the violence prevention field refers to “anyone who plays some role in an act of harassment, abuse or violence — but is neither the perpetrator nor the victim. They are someone who is present and thus potentially in position to discourage, prevent, […]


Can Audrie’s Law Prevent Future Tragedies?

State Senator Jim Beall has introduced SB 838, named Audrie’s Law in memory of Saratoga High student Audrie Pott. Pott, who was raped at a student party in 2012, killed herself when pictures of the crime were posted by the assailants online. The bill has two major components. First, it closes a legal loophole. Currently, […]


Military Rape: A Black Eye for Our Country

The subject of military rape is in the news on two fronts. A bill by New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is moving through Congress that will overhaul the way military rape cases are tried, taking a victim’s immediate commander out of the role of judge and jury and handing the case to a military […]


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